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Hosts is a project aimed at improving the perceived quality and expectations of tourists at different destinations. In the Basque country Basquetour is the organisation responsible for managing this initiative which is within the framework of the Spanish Tourism Quality System (SCTE).

The project provides destinations with the necessary tools to improve their capacity to provide an excellent service to customers and the global environment in which they move. The project encompasses two training programmes with different activities:

  • SCTE Human Capital (In-Depth Cultural Programme): intended for managers in the tourist sector and at tourist destinations. Its aim is to provide the methodological tools necessary to increase the level of quality of customer service provided in tourism establishments.
  • SCTE Beautification of Destinations (In-Depth Destination Programme): its aim is to equip local managers with the methodological tools for planning activities which affect the beautification of tourist destinations. This programme aims to provide tourists with the best possible overall perception of their visit and of the experience they have had at the destination.

Further information:

Basquetour Competitiveness Department
Alda. Urquijo 36, 5º. 48011 Bilbao
Tel.: +34 94 607 75 98
Fax: +34 94 607 75 95




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