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Commitment to Tourism Quality

What it is

An award which is given by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade of Spain, in conjunction with the Department of Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism of the Basque Government, Basquetour, and the managing body of the destination, whose aim is to professionalise the tourism sector, ensure the internal management of tourist companies and establish controls for processes which guarantee the satisfaction of customers and the safety and comfort of the facilities.

This award, originating from the Tourism Quality System for Destinations (Destinations Programme), has the strategic goal of ensuring the comprehensive awareness of the destination and of identifying the common objectives of all public and private agents involved, both inside and outside of the tourism sector.


The tourist destinations with their corresponding level of territorial aggregation (towns, groups of towns, regions or tourist regions).

Small and medium-sized organisations which provide services associated with tourism at that destination.


The phases for being eligible for the Commitment to Tourism Quality award are:

  • Awareness. Basquetour and other associations in the sector, regions, tourist offices, development agencies and other agencies inform the various groups of the general approach and outline the objectives, commitments acquired, activities and advantages.
  • Training. Tourism companies and agents from tourist destinations receive yearly training in management and service quality, through Good Practice manuals and training activities on the sector's current situation.
  • Individual visits and group workshops: The companies have the support of specialised staff to implement the Good Practice manuals, through individual visits and group workshops.
  • Assessment. After implementing the improvements established in the procedure, the establishment receives an assessment visit during which the actions taken are verified and a report is written about the situation to determine whether it is worthy of a Commitment to Tourism Quality Certificate.


It is a multi-annual programme, lasting for four years with subsidy from the Deputy Ministry of Trade and Tourism of the Basque Government in conjunction with Basquetour, and promoted by the managing bodies from the various destinations.


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