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ISO 9000 Certification

What it is

This is an international quality standard, created by the International Standards Organisation (ISO) whose aim is to ensure the satisfaction of customers' needs, the management of processes and continuous improvement.



This is aimed at every class of organisation, irrespective of their type, sector, size or location.


The organisations and tourism services which want to be eligible for the certificate must follow the following process:

  • Document the requirements contained in standard ISO 9000.
  • Implement the system (perform all of the documented activities).
  • Contact the certifying body chosen to determine the data of the certification audit.
  • Undergo a certification audit.

If any non-conformities are discovered a corrective action plan is drawn up, explaining how the deficiencies will be resolved. This Plan must be sent to the Certifying Body.

  • Await notification as to whether or not the certificate has been awarded by the Certifying Body.
  • Sign the contract to use the ISO mark.

The Certificate is valid for three years, although it is necessary to perform yearly follow up audits.


The Deputy Ministry of Trade and Tourism of the Basque Government offers a yearly support programme for the cost of obtaining and renewing the certificate.




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