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Basque Coast

As detailed in point 6 of the Plan for Competitiveness and Innovation of Basque Tourism, the Deputy Ministry of Trade and Tourism and Basquetour have undertaken to provide the tools which enable the sustainable management of tourism in the area and the deployment of general tourist policies for the different levels and territorial areas.

Additionally, for years there has been support for starting up planning tools such as the Plans to Boost Tourism.

The implementation of the various plans has made it possible for Basque tourist destinations to progress in essential areas such as:

  • The creation of tourism products.
  • The coordination and strengthening of the public and private tourism sector.
  • The promotion and marketing of the destination.
  • Establishing management formulas which are suitable for the destination.

After years of planning and development it has become necessary to undertake a new phase which includes the coordination of the activities of institutions and organisations which operate on the Basque Coast, with commitments to joint and complementary projects which prevent competition between the coast's destinations.

The Tourism Master Plan for the Basque Coast coordinates the different initiatives promoted by all of the organisations which work in the development of tourism in the towns and regions of the Basque Country.

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