Basquetour: Turismoaren Euskal Agentzia. Agencia Vasca de Turismo


The aim of Basquetour's Product department is to improve the positioning and competitiveness of the Basque Country in the various product categories through the optimum use of marketing tools, to create new tourism products via the identification and valuation of resources and strategic areas and to design and implement the tools necessary for their creation and development.


  • To analyse and use the market data to make decisions (impact of the promotional activities on trade and the consumer, evolution of market indicators, etc.).
  • To prepare the Annual Marketing Plan for each of the product categories.
  • To identify and manage the development needs of the resources which make up the tourist attractions (experiences, circuits, playgrounds, etc.), mobilising the necessary resources and managing the product clubs which have been established to develop the product categories which are their responsibility.
  • To perform regular checks and follow ups on the progress of the various products and existing attractions.



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