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Experiences, Playgrounds and Circuits

Experiences, Playgrounds and Circuits are concepts which make it possible to structure, develop and distinguish the most representative resources and tourist attractions of the area for the greater enjoyment and satisfaction of the people who visit us. The Basque Country's commitment to developing a product based on experiences is in response to the growing demand for suggestions for breaks which are different, original and highly sensory and exciting, thus achieving personal involvement.

The difference between the 3 concepts lies in:

  • The physical space they cover. An experience is normally restricted to a single location, while the playground covers a large area and the circuit covers different geographical points.
  • The duration. The experience lasts for a short period of time, while going around a playground takes longer, much like the circuit.
  • The number of sectors involved. An experience is centred on one sector, while in playgrounds and circuits the possibilities increase exponentially, especially in the case of circuits.
  • The nature of the experience or stimulus. The experience is a unit of memory which can take place in a playground or a circuit. In a playground you can have several experiences, as is the case in a circuit.

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