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Camino de Santiago

As you pass through the Basque Country, the Camino de Santiago is formed by two pilgrimage routes which lead to the Galician capital: the Coastal Route and the Inland Route.

In relation to this project, which has related information and services to facilitate accessibility, it is proposed to develop an organised tourist product which is aimed at a specific niche market (pilgrims and tourists), which responds to the expectations for domestic, national and international consumption.

The two Caminos de Santiago through the Basque Country represent a scenario in which there are opportunities to comprehensively develop the towns and regions which they pass through.


  • To develop a touristic-cultural product with promotion strategies and a brand policy which makes it easily recognisable on the market.
  • To design an attractive, well-defined and coordinated tourist product with quality, customer service and sustainability parameters which make it competitive with other similar destinations.



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