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Programme of Good Practices in the Use of ICT's

This is an initiative aimed at small companies which is intended to make it possible to optimise the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the Basque tourism sector.

This programme makes it possible to identify the digital maturity of each small company through the use of a method based on a model which is classified on four levels and in four areas (Systems and Technology, Business and Projects, Products and Services, Security) with good practices for the use of the ICT's associated with each corresponding level and area. This makes it possible to individually identify the digital maturity of each participating small company, as well as the personalised Improvement Plan which will guide them when optimising their use of ICT's, resulting in a system which is constantly being optimised, making it possible to achieve the optimum digital maturity which corresponds to each small company.

Specific workshops for the Programme of Good Practices in the Use of ITC's

  • Office computer applications
  • ICT Security
  • Telematics administrative processes
  • 2.0 Tools

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