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Projects originating from the AEI (Innovative Business Cluster)

 Gourmet Club Project

This is a varied collection of catering establishments which represent the leading food and wine organisations for each destination due to their quality, innovation, tradition and promotion of the products from each area.

The group comprises the Tourism AEI for the Basque Country, Wine and Brandy Tours in Jerez, AEI Acentur, the Extremadura Tourism Cluster and the Federation of Innovative Tourism Companies in the Province of Castellón.

Status:  finished (December 2009-May 2010).


Tourism Living Lab

This is a platform for cooperation developed by the AEI of the Basque Country, which is available to the sector's agents and the people who use tourism services who want to participate and contribute their ideas.

The Tour Lab initiative creates a living lab which promotes open innovation based on the end users.

Status:  finished (December 2010- May 2011).


Strategic Agenda for Innovation: “Technological programmes for Hotels, Restaurants and Travel Agents”

The objective was established for this project, headed by the AEI MTA Connect and in association with the AEI Madrid Tourism Cluster, the AEI ITH, the AEI of Tourism in the Basque Country and the AEI León Innova, of designing a technological programme for hotels, travel agents and restaurants, by developing collaborative work between agents in the sector.

Status:  finished (December 2010- May 2011).



Customer Relationship Management in the Cloud.

Develop and implement a solution in the cloud (cloud computing) which would integrate all the needed functionalities to enable an effective customer relationship management, following a modular architecture and with a flexible, affordable and service "on-demand" tool.
This solution would enable tourism SMEs an effective and active customer relationship management, which increase their level of competitiveness and makes possible to be in the leading edge of new technological developments that have taken place and also improve the innovative image of Basque Country tourism.

Status: in progress (December 2011- May 2012).


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