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Active Tourism in Nature

This consists of carrying out sporting activities, of varying physical intensity, which explicitly use the natural resources without damaging them. In other words, the main motivation for Active Tourism is to have fun practicing your favourite sport, either alone or in a group, irrespective of the surroundings.

The category of Active Tourism includes: hiking, equine tourism, cycle tourism, canoeing, climbing, canyoning, nautical activities, diving, paragliding, multi activity and adventure, etc.

There are three main specialised products on offer for active tourism in the Basque Country: Surfing, hiking and mountain biking, along with Basque Country Greenways (coordinated through Basquetour in collaboration with the Spanish Railway Foundation, promoter of the Greenways Program).

Two levels of joint management are proposed for products which are similar to one another, developed by the Deputy Ministry:

Within the Deputy Ministry itself, with a promotional organisation (Basquetour), which has external assistance or a Technical Office. As an organisation which owns and promotes the products, Basquetour develops a specific work plan in accordance with the 2010-2013 Plan for Competitiveness and Innovation for Basque Tourism (PCITV) y con el 2010-2013 Marketing Plan for Basque Tourism.

External to the Deputy Ministry, working on two levels:

  • Development of specific governance initiatives as indicated in the PCITV (concerted government action and promoting inter-institutional coordination).
  • Creation of three advisory councils, one for each product, which make it possible to assess and monitor the Action Plan during the management and continuous improvement phases of the product.



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